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 Driving in Tenerife
 The largest of the Canary Islands, Tenerife, has always had something of a special draw for holidaymakers throughout Europe. But just what is it about the island that holds appeal for such a variety of travellers?

Driving in Tenerife
Tenerife, has always had something of a special draw for holidaymakers throughout Europe. But just what is it about the island that holds appeal for such a variety of travellers? The landscape, certainly, has an enduring attraction for many; the mountain ranges in particular add a touch of drama, with peaks visible from even the most secluded beaches. Red Mountain, especially, is not easy to miss, rising above the Playa de la Tejita (Close by Los Abrigos).

In order to navigate the landscape and travel to the most rewarding, out-of-the-way spots, it used to be that certain types off-road vehicle were necessary. Fortunately, the tourist industry has ensured rapid growth of infrastructure in Tenerife and as a result, the majority of the roads have now been modernised and are suitable for all types of car. That said, steep mountain passes are common – especially on drives across the more rural sections of the island – and so a capable, well maintained car is a must. After all, engine trouble at 2000 metres is not an experience that many would enjoy! But book online with an established car hire agency and you can be assured of a modern car and after-care support, should anything go wrong.

To hire a car in Tenerife an International Driver`s Licence is theoretically required; but, in reality, a standard UK driving licence suffices for the vast majority of rentals. However, for peace of mind it is recommended to check the licence requirements with your booking agent. The minimum age for car hire on the island is 21 and, similar to elsewhere, driving whilst under the influence of alcohol is strictly forbidden. The legal blood alcohol concentration for drivers is identical to that of the UK, so caution should be taken – especially as drink-driving non-residents are obligated to pay generous on-the-spot fines.

Insurance costs for the hire car should be included in booking fee, with comprehensive cover the safest option should your policy allow it, though third party with fire and theft coverage might be available for a lower rate if you are looking to keep costs to a minimum. Driving in Tenerife is on the right side of the road, which may feel slightly unnatural for British drivers initially – however, most find it no more problematic than driving at home after a few hours.

Though the native drivers in Tenerife are largely very courteous, it is worth noting that the general attitude to driving is somewhat more relaxed than in most European countries. It is not uncommon to see drivers speaking on the phone whilst driving, so an increased sense of awareness is advisable to compensate for any unpredictable movements. Also, some road systems are quite quirkily laid out, resulting in blind-spots and hidden pedestrian crossings. Accordingly, it is best to have your wits about you whilst on the road, whether on foot or behind the wheel. Also, the roads are generally clear of traffic, though on Sundays this can change quite dramatically; Sunday outings are popular in Tenerife, so long-distance journeys are best left to earlier in the week.

For cheap car hire in Tenerife, there are a number of options, but it is wise to book online and in advance so as to avoid the hassle of organising car hire after arrival on the island. After all, the best way to enjoy the scenery is from the open road rather than the rentals office – and there are many hire agencies who can take care of all the arrangements for you.