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Protection of data

The present document intends to describe the policy of protection of data of Gratum, domiciled in Santa Cruz de Tenerife. The personal character data gathered through Vestibule of will be object of treatment automated and incorporated to the files automated of affiliated ours, being this affiliated holder and responsible for its own files, which, according to the effective norm, are registered properly in the Publication and document record department of the Agency of Protection of Data.

In the forms of the Registry where personal character data are successfully obtained, the different fields will be indicated whose cumplimentación is necessary to make the corresponding registry. Thus, unless the opposite indicates itself the answers to the questions on personal data are voluntary, without the lack of answer to these questions implies a decrease in the quality or amount of the corresponding services, unless another thing is indicated.

The proprietor of this page Web will be able to yield, in his case, the personal data to Easyred, first society of the proprietor of this Vestibule, and to the rest of societies of Grupo Gratum, Real estate Channel domiciled in Spain, with the same purposes that have indicated in relation to their respective products and services, and in individual in order that that the publications and pages Web property of anyone of the societies of the Gratum group.

The delivery of the personal character data through any means established in the Vestibule, supposes the express authorization of the User to make the indicated treatment in the previous paragraphs. However, if they do not wish that their provided personal character data are dealed with with commercial aims and for the shipment of own publicity or about third the mentioned sectors, will be able to be against marking the square including to this end in the forms in successfully obtain personal character data inserted in our Web sites.